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Whether sports or entertainment, IPG Group can provide our large or small Equipment Fly Packs or OB van which suit your needs.

Our focus is on providing flexible and creative solutions that can suit to any production or location. We can also support you for any needs of Engineering & Technical Support, Operations & Logistics Management, Crewing Support and Project Management.

Our Large Equipment Flypacks

Our large flypacks are virtually unlimited. They are scalable and perfect for complex sports events. Our fully customized flypacks are designed for easy transport and can be deployed worldwide.

Our systems bring powerful and reliable production capabilities into the field for a flexible solution that can be made to suit any budget in any format. We have flypacks available in 3 different configurations ranging from 8 to 30 cameras.

Our systems can be configured to suit your exact production needs anywhere in the world.

With production across 15 countries around the globe, we are backed by local knowledge, expertise and ease of logistics.

Our Small Equipment Flypacks

Our Small 8 Camera Set Up Kits are designed for cost effective sports coverage, it is designed in such a way that we can easily set it up for full broadcast productions or live streaming solutions. These kits have covered 100’s of cricket matches for the ICC over the last 8 years. They are scalable and perfect for complex sports and events. Our fully customized kits are designed for easy transport and can be deployed anywhere worldwide. Our systems bring powerful and reliable streaming capabilities into the field for a flexible solution that can be made to suit any budget in any format. Though designed with live streaming in mind, these kits can easily be scaled up for broadcast and studio shows etc. We have streaming kits available indifferent configurations ranging from 5 cameras to 12 cameras.

OB Van

Apart from the 3 highly customizable flypacks and small flypacks above,
IPG Group also has a 30 camera Outside Broadcast Truck in Dubai. Equipped with a 288x576 router, our OB unit is capable of 30 camera plus international sports broadcasts. The 17.5-mtr single expanding truck has an operational width of 3.5 mtr and is a very large and a powerful OB truck. The truck has comfortable seating for 18 plus operators and can easily be deployed anywhere in the region at a short notice.

Engineering & Technical Support

Clients look into innovative and dedicated engineering team and equipment support.
IPG Group provides complete technical support through our seasoned, global team of engineering and technical experts, including: Broadcast Engineers, Communications Specialists, Integration Specialists and more on the client needs.

Operations & Logistics Management

We can support all aspects of your production in any location.

Our dedicated team is focused on all aspects of logistics - from equipment and fleet movement to travel accommodations and all other project services.

Crewing Support

IPG Group is having a great team of experts who can manage and hire the top crews for any production – from utilities and runners to exceptional audio mixers and engineers.

Project Management

When it comes to flypacks, you need more than just the equipment delivered to your venue.

We can work with the clients to understand your needs in order to detail the right solution for your requirements.

From concept drawing and system layouts to camera plans and production room layouts, we partner with you to achieve the best results.

We have senior DOPs and all broadcast engineers available on-site to help make your production a success.

We provide support for project integration, system planning, installation and wiring, lighting design and engineering maintenance. We have the resources and solutions to make your production a success.

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