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With a collective experience of 50 years, IPG Group continues to innovate and push towards sports excellence in the way that it is presented to the world. IPG has grown into being recognized as an Integral player in the world of Sport.

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The IPG Group is a Sports Marketing Agency wanting to change the landscape of Sports and Sports Leagues with our Front Line Management Services.  We are understanding the passion for cricket and

all sports among the viewers and provide end to end Professional Sports Promotion & Management Services. Our team is behind the successful launch and management of many sports leagues & Events. We provide End to End League Management services from Conceptualizing to Executing.

Our Live Sports Broadcast production experience spans over years and has grown from strength to strength with each passing year, today we are acclaimed as a key global player in the field Television Broadcast productions of Sporting events. Our strategic value is representative of our name by offering innovative and unrivalled live production services to cater for any live sporting events around the world.  We understand that clients require resources which are responsive to critical delivery of live sporting events, so our new global Footprint allows us to manage and deploy live broadcast production teams in the right place, at the right time and in the appropriate language. Our technical, production, graphics and equipment partners are the biggest and most renowned names in their respective specialties.                                                       

The IPG Group is having a successful sales background with many renowned sports franchises with a 360 solution from Marketing Management to Sales.  Experience in sales and sponsorships of Sporting Events including International Level Tournaments, Cricket Leagues, Sports Franchises, and Players etc.

The IPG Group provides total solutions in the field of Sports Marketing & Development.

Our team includes talented professionals with vast experience in Sports Marketing, Branding, Sales Planning, Strategic Alliances, Activations, Sponsorship Strategic Development, Merchandising, Strategic Consulting, Negotiations, Innovative Branding, Licensing and Concept Development. With a compact strategy that nurtures the constant evolution of  brands, we provide specific assistance to develop franchises and sporting entities which result in long-term revenue generation for investors and promoters. 

IPG has paved the way and continues to add value to the Sports Industry at a multi-disciplinary level.   The team presented not only brings in years of experience but each individual is driven by the sports industry with a real passion. We believe in the power of the sports and more importantly recognize the economics and strategies required to honor your favorite sport. Our company emulates an athlete’s discipline and work ethics to achieve excellence. After the acquisition of exclusive ground rights from associations and supporting bodies, we help you develop strategic tie-ups with the bigger brands in the market. Association with major televised and sports events will bring in better revenue and recognition, and put a much bigger step into the industry.

Our goal is to ensure every thrilling & sporting moment can reach the fans across the world. That’s the depth, length & breadth of our Media Syndication Network. Through access to our international sales team & extensive relationships with networks, our clients can maximize opportunities to expand their presence globally. On behalf of our clients ranging from Professional Sports Leagues to Broadcasters, we arrange distribution across all forms of media - including Television, Audio, Fixed Media, In-Flight, Broadband & mobile to major broadcasters, channels & platforms all around the world.


The IPG Group understands the challenges that arise with Media Distribution and efficiently covers Live Sports from a Single or Multi-Camera production combining SNG services & production. We uplink from a single vehicle using cost-effective transmission using state of the art technology. Our extensive expertise in delivering Live Sports has come to be entrusted by the broadcast industry as a whole in various parts of the world. End-to-End Live Streaming Solution - We provide seamless live viewing experience while minimizing the stress on your corporate network, reducing bandwidth consumption and cost while maintaining privacy and security regulations. Another crucial aspect of Live Sports is the reach the event has across the world and its targeted viewers. We provide digital & satellite services for distribution to clients around the globe. This enables both our clients & viewers to enjoy an uninterrupted experience of the highest quality. 

Our large flypacks are virtually unlimited. They are scalable and perfect for complex sports events. Our fully customized flypacks are designed for easy transport and can be deployed worldwide. Our systems bring powerful and reliable production capabilities into the field for a flexible solution that can be made to suit any budget in any format. We have flypacks available in 3 different configurations ranging from 8 to 30 cameras.

Apart from the 3 highly customizable flypacks, IPG-WildTrack Productions also has a 30 camera Outside Broadcast Truck in Dubai. Equipped with a 288x576 router, our OB unit is capable of 30 cameras plus international sports broadcasts. The 17.5-mtr single expanding truck has an operational width of 3.5 mtr and is a very large and a powerful OB truck. The truck has comfortable seating for 18 plus operators and can easily be deployed anywhere in the region at a short notice.

Our Small 8 Camera Set-Up Kits are designed for cost effective sports coverage, it is designed in such a way that we can easily set it up for full broadcast productions or live streaming solutions. These kits have covered hundreds of cricket matches for the ICC over the last 8 years. They are scalable and perfect for complex sports and events. Our fully customized kits are designed for easy transport and can be deployed anywhere worldwide. Our systems bring powerful and reliable streaming capabilities into the field for a flexible solution that can be made to suit any budget in any format. Though designed with live streaming in mind, these kits can easily be scaled up for broadcast and studio shows etc. We have streaming kits available indifferent configurations ranging from 5 cameras to 12 cameras.


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IPG has it's crew having myriad experience of producing sports globally.
Experienced and world renown Directors will be at helm of the broadcast assisted by skilled Producers, world class Cameramen, EVS Operators, Vision Mixers, Managers and well equipped Engineers. View More

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